About Lift A Load Training

We pride ourselves on providing quality training, value for money and ensuring that our customers get the most out of their training budget.

Our customers range from small to national clients with basic requirements for training a handful of operators, through to meeting the needs of major manufacturing, retailing and distribution companies.

Lift A Load Training courses cover a wide range of equipment types from fork lift trucks to gantry cranes.

What you need to get started

The best thing about forklift training is that it requires very little to get started. Any potential driver in reasonably good health can begin training, practically speaking, at age 18.

As for the physical health of forklift operators, there are again no hard and fast rules in place. Guidance from the Health and Safety Executive says that it is “good practice for all operators and potential operators to be screened for fitness before employment and again at regular intervals in middle age.”

The guidance is clear enough to indicate employees have a responsibility to make sure their forklift drivers are in good health, but it also gives them the flexibility to determine how good health is defined. For all intents and purposes, the forklift driver cannot be suffering from any illness, malady, or condition that could impair the safe operation of a forklift in the work environment. Employers are held responsible for that standard in the event of any workplace accident.

Anyone 18 years old and in good health is eligible to begin forklift training at their discretion. That is all there is to it.

In addition to our three forklift courses, we also provide our students with all of the help and support they need to succeed. It starts with the designated coordinator assigned to each student. This coordinator ensures a smooth transition from the beginning of training to its completion.

Alongside our dedicated coordinators are experienced instructors who are personally committed to each and every student. Our instructors invest themselves in their students for the sole purpose of seeing them trained and certified as quickly as possible. Furthermore, trainers are always willing to provide individual students with any extra help and support they need.

Tying everything together are all of the course materials and supplies students need. We do not expect our students to come to class fully prepared; we have the materials and resources they need waiting for them. This enables students to walk in, start training right away, and complete their courses in the prescribed amount of time.

Our low-cost and convenient forklift training courses are just what you need to begin a long and rewarding career in the materials handling industry. We would be honoured to have the opportunity to train and certify you.

By the end of the course, learners will be able to carry out a pre-shift inspection and operate the machine safely and correctly in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and accepted good practice. They will also be able to load and unload vehicles and static racking and understand the causes of instability of the truck and loads. We will also ensure that they have a thorough understanding of their responsibilities under all relevant health and safety legislation.

During the course, the learners will be encouraged to participate in practical demonstrations and exercises, as well as explanatory theory lessons which will be supported with power point presentations and DVDs covering:

  • Controls and instruments
  • Components and main types of lift trucks
  • Re-fuelling systems
  • Coolant, fuel and lubrication systems
  • Emergency controls
  • Manoeuvring over uneven ground
  • Handling loaded / unloaded pallets and difficult shaped loads
  • Loading and unloading flat bed lorries and at various heights
Lift A Load Training
Lift A Load Training
Lift A Load Training
Lift A Load Training
Lift A Load Training
Lift A Load Training
Lift A Load Training

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